The April meeting for the ITAG is scheduled for Tuesday 17 April at 1430 hrs in the Maison des Associations in Royan.

The past 2 meetings at this location have shown that parking at the Maison is now over-subscribed on this day (third Tuesday of the month) and that therefore carriage of the necessary equipment to support the meetings is a problem, whilst everyone attending must find alternative parking to the Maison car park, and walk some distance to get into the building.

Meantime, whilst our regular attenders have shown their very kind support for the themes which have been attempted, it is clear that emphasis on the technical side of information technology is not a very popular way to go. Interest in applications is far more interesting to our members, but my own capabilities in popular activity such as photography, social networking and so on is limited to those essential utilities which are needed to function day by day, such as Microsoft Office, Open Office and so on.

At the meeting on 17 April therefore I propose that we discuss how the ITAG should evolve in the future. Also, and indeed whether it is now serving any useful purpose in its present form, since we have covered just about all the common problems involved in the use of computers by this time. Perhaps we could go over some old ground again, but perhaps not !

If therefore you have any thoughts on the future direction of this group, please bring them forward at the April meeting. I look forward to meeting you there.


‘Tim’ Cherry